Welcome to today’s devotional “The Throne of Grace,” where the highpriesthood of Jesus Christ, who sympathizes with our weaknesses and intercedes for us, is established.

Today, we’re being invited to come boldly and confidently, to this wonderful place where we can find mercy and grace in our time of need, knowing that He will hear us and help us.

Let’s get started and delve into what it means to approach the throne of grace, how we can do it in a way that honors God and the benefits thereof, and the benefits of coming to the throne of grace.

Key Takeaway to The Throne of Grace

  • The Throne of Grace: It’s not a place of judgment or condemnation, but a place of mercy and grace, where we can find forgiveness for our sins, help for our troubles, and comfort for our sorrows.

Anchor Bible Verse of the Day – Hebrews 4:16

This verse of Hebrews 4:16 talks about the high priesthood of Jesus Christ, where Jesus is not like the earthly priests who had to offer sacrifices for their own sins and the sins of the people.

Rather, Jesus is the perfect and sinless high priest who offered Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins once and for all. He also entered into the holy of holies in heaven, not with the blood of animals, but with His own blood, securing our eternal redemption.

Key Explanations

  • Come boldly: Come with confidence and courage, without hesitation or reservation. It does not mean to come with arrogance or presumption, without reverence or respect.
  • Throne of grace: The place where God rules with kindness and compassion, not with harshness or cruelty. It is also called the throne of God (Hebrews 12:2) and the throne of glory (Jeremiah 14:21).
  • Obtain mercy: To receive God’s forgiveness and pardon for our sins, not because we deserve it, but because He is merciful.
  • Find grace: To discover God’s favor and blessing for our lives, not because we earn it, but because He is gracious.
  • Help in time of need: Get assistance and support in any situation or circumstance that requires God’s intervention or provision.

Reflection on The Throne of Grace

To be called to approach the throne of grace with confidence and receive His help is a privilage, for that’s where God sits and rules with mercy and compassion.

It’s not a place we can see with our eyes, but by faith. It is not a place we can go to on our own merit, but by the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ.

The Throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16)
The Throne of Grace
(Hebrews 4:16)

The High Priest, Jesus Christ, passed through the heavens and is able to sympathize with our weaknesses. He was tempted in every way as we are, yet without sin. Therefore, He can intercede for us before the Father and obtain mercy and grace for us.

The throne of grace is where we can find forgiveness for our sins, healing for our wounds, strength for our struggles, wisdom for our decisions, peace for our anxieties, joy for our sorrows, and hope for our future. The throne of grace is where we can experience the love and power of God in our lives.

But how do we approach the throne of grace?

The writer of Hebrews gives us two conditions: with confidence and in time of need.

  • With confidence: because we have perfect access through Jesus.
  • In time of need: because we have a compassionate Father who cares for us.

Today, let’s start the journey of going to the throne of grace with confidence, and He will solemnly usher us into His divine presence


Call to Action

Today, let us take advantage of this wonderful privilege and approach the throne of grace with confidence. Let us come boldly and humbly, expectantly and gratefully, joyfully and worshipfully and meet Him.

Prayer Points for Today

  • Bold Approach: Pray for the courage to approach the Throne of Grace boldly in all areas of your life.
  • Mercy in Mistakes: Ask for mercy in areas where you may have fallen short or made mistakes.
  • Grace for Daily Challenges: Pray for the grace needed to navigate challenges and uncertainties in your daily life.

Let’s Pray

Our Father, we come boldly before Your Throne of Grace, trusting in Your mercy and grace. In our times of need, be our refuge and strength. May Your compassion surround us as we navigate this day.

In the precious and mighty name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

My prayer for you today: I pray that as you approach the Throne of Grace with boldness, you may experience the fullness of God’s mercy and find abundant grace to navigate every aspect of your life. Amen.