Welcome to today’s devotional, “Stepping Up: Standing in the Gap for Others.” Today, we will explore the biblical concept of standing in the gap and how it relates to our daily lives as Christians.

I pray that, as we delve into the Word of God, we may be inspired to step out of our comfort zones and make a difference in the lives of those around us.

May we be reminded of the power of prayer and the impact it can have on the lives of others. Let us open our hearts and minds to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we reflect on the importance of standing in the gap for others.

» Saturday, 28th January 2023 | I Stand In The Gap Daily Devotional | Stepping up: Standing in the Gap for Others

Yesterday’s daily devotional theme was “overcoming temptation with God’s help“ and today’s is “stepping up: standing in the gap for others”.

Anchor verse of the day:

So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.

Ezekiel 22:30

Our anchor verse of Ezekiel 22:30 is part of a larger passage in which the Lord Almighty is speaking to the prophet Ezekiel about the sins of the people.

God needed someone who would act as a mediator, or a “wall,” between Himself and the people. This was to prevent the Lord from destroying the land.

In simple terms, it is a call for someone to stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of others.

Themes in Ezekiel 22:30

  • Intercession: The verse speaks of standing in the gap, which implies interceding on behalf of others.
  • Responsibility: The verse implies that there is a responsibility for individuals to take action and stand in the gap for others.
  • Sinful nature: The verse mentions that the people have not upheld righteousness, suggesting that there is a current state of injustice and unrighteousness.
  • God’s wrath: The verse also mentions that God’s wrath is kindled against the people, which is an indication that there are consequences for upholding unrighteousness.

Background to Ezekiel 22:30 and standing in the gap:

Our daily devotional anchor verse is part of a larger prophecy given by God to the prophet Ezekiel to the nation of Israel.

God is here accusing them of being a rebellious and wicked nation. He accuses them of being corrupt and violent, and of failing to uphold justice and righteousness. The Lord declares that because of their sins, the land is filled with bloodshed and the people are suffering.

In Ezekiel 22:30, specifically, God is calling for someone to “stand in the gap” for the people, to intercede on their behalf and plead for their sins to be forgiven.

Similar verses:

Those from among you
Shall build the old waste places;
You shall raise up the foundations of many generations;
And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,
The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

Isaiah 58:12

This verse speaks to the idea of rebuilding and restoring what has been broken or destroyed, much like standing in the gap for others.

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

James 5:16

Here too, the power of prayer and confessing our own shortcomings in order to support and lift up others is referred to. It also shows how one person can make a difference through their actions and prayers.

Reflection on Ezekiel 22:30 to the theme of “stepping up: standing in the gap for others”.

Ezekiel 22:30 is a powerful verse that teaches us, as God’s elect, to step up and take action in the face of injustice, unrighteousness, and wickedness.

It speaks to the importance of the Believer stepping into intercession and standing in the gap for others, which is a central theme in the book of Ezekiel. Meaning, we are not to be selfish but pray for others too, especially those going astray.

It is also a prompt to all Christians to repent and turn away from their sins, and to take responsibility for the sins of their families and nation.

In the current Christian dispensation, the message in our anchor verse of Ezekiel 22:30 is silently loud and is just as relevant as ever. As believers, we are called to be salt and light in the world, and to take action to bring about change in our communities and society.

This may involve standing up for the marginalized and oppressed, speaking out against injustice, and taking action to bring about righteousness and justice. As we reflect on this verse, let us be encouraged to step up and take action in the face of evil and wickedness, knowing that our prayers and actions can bring about great change in the world.

Prayer for stepping up and standing in the gap for others:

Our Father in Heaven,

we come to you today recognizing the importance of standing in the gap for others. We know that in Ezekiel 22:30, you called for someone to stand in the gap and make up the wall, to save the land from destruction.

We ask for your guidance and strength as we strive to be that person for those around us. Help us to see the needs of those around us and give us the courage to step up and support them in whatever way we can.

We know that standing in the gap is not always easy, and we may face challenges and difficulties. But with you by our side, we trust that we can overcome any obstacle. Fill us with your Holy Spirit as we do your bidding.

Father, we pray for your wisdom, strength, and discernment as we pray and make decisions that may impact the lives of others. Help us to use our words and actions to bring hope and encouragement to those who need it most.

We give you all the glory, honor, praise, and adoration for the opportunity to serve others. In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray, Amen.