Brothers and sisters in Christ, as we come together today to reflect on the word of God, Join me as we take a deeper look into the story of Elijah and learn how we too can harness the power of faithful prayer in our own lives.

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» Saturday, 11th February 2023 | I Stand In The Gap Daily Devotional | The Power of Faithful Prayer

Yesterday’s daily devotional was on the topic of “Deceptive Teaching: Don’t Believe the Lie” and today’s is “The Power of Faithful Prayer: A Lesson from Elijah”.

Anchor verse of the day

Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood and the stones and the dust, and it licked up the water that was in the trench.

1 Kings 18:38 (NKJV)

The anchor verse of 1 Kings 18:38 is where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to a contest to determine who the true God is. This is intended to serve as a powerful demonstration of the power and presence of Yahweh, and a clear rejection of the false gods worshiped by the people of Israel.

By extension, believers are to reject all forms of falsehood, especially idol worship, occultism, witchcraft, etc.

Themes in 1 Kings 18:38

  • Faith: Elijah’s faith in God and his belief that God will answer his prayer.
  • Divine Intervention: Elijah’s prayer for fire to come down from heaven, which was answered by God, is an example of divine intervention.
  • Intercession: Elijah is interceding on behalf of the people of Israel, asking God to demonstrate his power and show them who the true God is.
  • Obedience: Elijah’s obedience to God and willingness to follow Him

Background to Elijah’s power of faithful prayer

1 Kings 18:38 is part of a larger story that takes place during the time of the prophet Elijah in Israel.

At that time, King Ahab and Queen Jezebel were ruling over Israel and actively promoting the worship of the false god, called Baal. Elijah, a true prophet of the Lord, challenged the false prophets to a public showdown, a divine encounter though, on Mount Carmel to prove who the true God was.

In this rather unique story, Elijah set up two altars, one for the Lord and the other for Baal. The false prophets called upon Baal to send fire from heaven to light the sacrifice on their altar, but nothing happened.

I have been wondering how on earth these idol worshippers wanted the fire to come from Heaven, knowing that, there is the abode of our great God.

See, when Elijah prayed to the Lord, the consuming fire of God fell from heaven and consumed the sacrifice on his altar, demonstrating to the people that the Lord was the one true God. Beloved, our God is a consuming fire!

1 Kings 18:38 specifically refers to the moment when the fire came down from heaven and consumed the sacrifice on Elijah’s altar.

This event was a powerful demonstration of the power of God, over the affairs of men who call Him through powerful prayers. For the Israelites, it marked a turning point in their worship of the true God.

Characteristics of a true prophet of God:

There are several characteristics that can help distinguish a true prophet of God from a false one. Some of these include:

  • They speak the truth: The messages that genuine prophets of God receive from God are always conveyed precisely and honestly.
  • They have a godly character: The lives of genuine prophets of God are marked by piety, honesty, and sanctity.
  • They bring people closer to God: People will be encouraged to live more obedient and faithful lives by the word and influence of a true prophet, who will also help them draw closer to God.
  • Their predictions come true: A genuine prophet of God will have a track record of making accurate predictions and seeing their prophecies come to pass.
  • They do not lead people astray: A genuine prophet of God will always guide people in the direction of God’s truth and commandments rather than away from them.
  • They promote peace and unity: True prophets of God will work to foster harmony and peace rather than discord among the body of Christ.

The prophet Elijah had all these qualities and more. Beloved, be aware!

Reflection for the Christian on 1 Kings 18:38

In our anchor verse of 1 Kings 18:38, Elijah prayed for fire to come down from heaven and consume the sacrifice. This is proof that the Lord was the one true God and that Elijah was his prophet.

This clearly shows the power of prayer and the presence of God in the lives of his people, especially those with a direct connection to Him.

In the present dispensation, believers should be mindful of the importance of prayer and the power it holds in every facet of our very being and existence. The belief and the need for faith are also highlighted, hence the significance of demonstrating that faith through our actions.

We are called to live our lives as followers of Christ, relying on Him for our guidance and strength, and sharing the good news of his love and salvation with those around us.

To the onlookers at that scene, although Elijah did not directly preach, but the effect of his prayer was more of a sermon practically demonstrated, more than a miracle.

Clement Brako Akomea

As true believers of the most high God, we should take inspiration from Elijah’s faith and his boldness in praying for fire to come down from heaven. Yes, we too can pray with confidence, knowing that God hears and answers our prayers. And we can live our lives as a testament to our faith, demonstrating the power of God to those around us, especially unbelievers.

Faithful Prayer from the lesson from Elijah

Dear Lord, we come to you today remembering the story of Elijah and his powerful prayer recorded in 1 Kings 18:38. There he defied all the odds and called upon Your name for fire to come down and do the unfathomable. There and then, Your power was demonstrated in the presence of the people.

Father, as believers, we recognize that we are called to a life of faith and obedience, just as Elijah was. We pray for Your guidance and prompting in our lives, that we may always be bold in our faith and obedient to Your will, that we will pray without fear, and that wonders will be wrought in your mighty name.

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to trust in Your power and provision, even when the world around us seems to be challenging our beliefs. When the ground upon which we stand seems to be moving away from us, give us the divine strength and courage to stand firm in our faith, and to always seek Your truth.

We pray that Your fire would burn within us, giving us a passion for Your kingdom and Your will. We pray that Your presence is made known in all that we do, and may Your Holy name be glorified in our lives forever and ever.

In Your holy name of Yeshua, we pray.