Our daily devotional will reflect on how the Blood of Jesus defeats evil and offer spiritual safety. We will examine the significance of the Blood of Jesus and its place in our spiritual lives.

So let’s set out on this road together, depending on the strength of Jesus’ Blood to lead us and give us the upper hand in our spiritual battles. May we become more aware of the importance of the Blood of Jesus and its influence over our lives.

» Sunday, 12th February 2023 | I Stand In The Gap Daily Devotional | Pleading the Blood of Jesus

Yesterday’s daily devotional was on the topic of “The Power of Faithful Prayer” and today’s is “Pleading the Blood of Jesus”.

Anchor verse of the day

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Revelation 12:11

This verse portrays a spiritual conflict between believers and Satan and his henchmen. The text claims that with the strength of Jesus’ blood, represented in the verse as the “Lamb,” believers are able to triumph over this spiritual battle.

For believers to triumph over evil and withstand temptation, the Blood of Jesus offers the necessary defense and deliverance.

Therefore, Revelation 12:11 informs us that the Blood of Jesus is a strong weapon that offers the required defense and deliverance for believers in relation to engaging in spiritual warfare. We can defeat evil and thwart temptation by relying on the Blood of Jesus and spreading the gospel to others. By doing so, we can win our spiritual battles and live in victory.

Themes in Revelation 12:11

  • Overcoming evil: Through the blood of the Lamb and the word of testimony, the scripture says we can defeat the evil one, who is most likely referring to Satan.
  • The blood of Jesus: Jesus’ blood is offered as the source of strength for defeating evil and obtaining salvation. This motif appears frequently in the New Testament and is frequently interpreted as a representation of the death on the cross of Jesus for the atonement of sins.
  • The power of a testimony: The strength of testifying to the gospel’s veracity is also provided as a strategy for defeating evil in this passage of scripture.
  • Sacrifice and love: The verse also mentions giving up one’s life for the sake of the gospel and the truth, which refers to not loving one’s life even until death.
  • Victory: The verse refers to the final triumph of good over evil and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. This is a frequent subject throughout the book of Revelation and the entire Bible.

Background to Revelation 12:11

The purpose of the highly symbolic and apocalyptic book of Revelation was to uplift early Christians who were enduring persecution and adversity. It also foretold what the end will be like.

A vision of a woman in heaven wearing the sun, the moon, and a crown of twelve stars on her head are described in Revelation 12:1–12. This woman is viewed as a symbol of God’s people, and she gives birth to a boy who is carried to God and his kingdom. This young infant is frequently viewed as a representation of Jesus, and his ascent into heaven represents his ultimate victory over sin and death.

The next part of the vision describes a battle between God’s angels and the dragon, who is actually Satan, in heaven. The mother and her kid are sought after by the dragon, who has been vanquished and banished to Earth.

God provides the woman with protection and a place to stay in the wilderness, where she is fed for a time, times, and a half (often seen as a symbol for a period of tribulation).

Revelation 12:11 is set in this context, as a part of a greater story about God’s victory over evil and his eventual protection of his people. The text emphasizes the gospel’s eventual triumph over sin and death by describing the might of Jesus’ blood and the strength of the word of testimony as the means by which evil is defeated.

Similar verses

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, 14 in whom we have redemption [b]through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.

Colossians 1:13-14 (NKJV)

The idea of redemption through the shed blood of Jesus and the pardoning of sins is discussed in this verse. It emphasizes the notion of being delivered from the influence of evil and darkness and welcomed into God’s kingdom through belief in Jesus.

 And according to the law, almost all things are purified with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no remission.

Hebrews 9:22 (NKJV)

This verse discusses the idea that blood is required for both purification and sin-forgiveness. The significance of Jesus’ death on the crucifixion as a way of atoning for humanity’s sins is emphasized, underscoring the belief that there can be no forgiveness of sins without there being bloodshed.

Both of these verses support the idea that the blood of Jesus has the power to defeat evil and secure salvation, mirroring the idea of Revelation 12:11 and highlighting the centrality of Jesus’ sacrifice in the Christian faith.

Why is the Blood of Jesus so important?

  • Forgiveness of sins: Sin is forgiven and washed away through the Blood of Jesus. Jesus offered himself as a sin offering when he died on the cross, making it possible for people to receive forgiveness and be made right with God.
  • Redemption: People are redeemed and delivered from the grip of sin and death via the blood of Jesus. Believers are able to receive redemption and be set free from the shackles of sin thanks to their faith in Jesus and the spilling of his blood.
  • Justification: People are justified, or pronounced righteous in God’s eyes, via the blood of Jesus. Believers are able to receive the imputed righteousness of Christ and be justified before God via trust in Jesus and the spilling of his blood.
  • Protection: The shed Blood of Jesus offers rescue from all evil and spiritual defense. Christians can ask for protection and rescue from evil by pleading with the Blood of Jesus.
  • Atonement: The ultimate method of atoning for sin and restoring harmony with God is thought to be the blood of Jesus. For Christians, the death of Jesus on the cross resulted in the reconciliation of humanity with God and the possibility of eternal life.

Reflection on the pleading the Blood of Jesus

Christians should consider Revelation 12:11 and the idea of “pleading the Blood of Jesus” in relation to waging their spiritual battles in a number of ways in the current dispensation:

  • Trusting in the power of the Blood of Jesus: As Christians, we have to rely on the Blood of Jesus to fight and deliver us in our struggles with the devil. See, we have Jesus’ sacrifice as a source of power and the capacity to triumph over evil.
  • Living lives of obedience: Let’s live obedient lives as Christians, obeying God’s laws and attempting to live in a way that pleases him. By doing this, we can show the impact of Jesus’ Blood on our lives and represent the truth of our faith.
  • Overcoming temptation: The strength of Jesus’ Blood can help us resist sin and resist temptation. We should put our faith in Jesus’ sacrifice as a source of power and the capability to reject evil and pick virtue.
  • Proclaiming the gospel with boldness: With confidence, we must boldly share the good news of Jesus’ blood’s ability to save people and cover their sins. We should have faith in the message we deliver and trust in the Blood of Jesus to help us win spiritual wars.
  • Cultivating a lifestyle of worship: Christians should live lives of worship, showing their appreciation for Jesus’ death on the cross and the ability of his Blood to heal and change lives. Christians should strive to respect God and exalt him through their actions in everything they do.

By carrying out the aforementioned, Christians can confidently engage in spiritual combat while depending on the Blood of Jesus to offer protection and deliverance from evil.


Our Father,

We humbly and firmly address you today, asking for your protection and direction in our spiritual conflicts. We are aware of the significance of the Blood of Jesus and its ability to defeat evil and offer spiritual security.

We pray that you will grant us the stamina to resist pressure, temptation, and persecution.
Help us to put our faith in the power of Jesus’ blood to slay our spiritual foes and save us from evil.

May we have the strength to boldly and confidently share the gospel while depending on the Blood of Jesus to give us victory.

May we live lives of submission to you, obeying your instructions and attempting to please you in whatever we do. Give us the knowledge and grace to avoid sin and overcome temptation, depending on the strength of the Blood of Jesus to give us the power we require.

Invoking the Blood of Jesus over our life, we put our faith in its ability to keep us safe and deliver us from harm. May we serve as a shining example of the gospel’s effectiveness and God’s unfailing love for the people around us.

In the mighty Jesus’ we pray